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Apron Cotton Tote Bag

Apron Cotton Tote Bag

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Bring the homey feel and vintage chic of this unique Apron Watercolor Artwork in Hebrew and in English to your space, and to your days.

This 100% cotton eco-conscious Apron tote bag features:

- 100% Cotton fabric tote bag.

- A unique Watercolor Apron Artwork alongside the word Apron in English and in Hebrew (see-nar).

- The Hebrew writing of the word includes the formal Nikud /nee-kood/ vowel signs alongside the phonetic spelling in Hebrew using Inbal's exclusive method for proper pronunciation in Hebrew.

- Capacity of 10 litres

- Long handle for great comfort

- Reinforced stitching on handles for extra stability

- 100 - 170 g/m², 3-5 oz/yard²

- Orders are produced and shipped locally. Enjoy faster shipping times, lower shipping rates, and help support local businesses in your area.

Bring homey feel and vintage chic to your space and to your days with this unique watercolor artwork of the see-nar in Hebrew, and Apron in English.
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