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Rachel Cotton Tote Bag

Rachel Cotton Tote Bag

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Personalize this unique Cup of Coffee Watercolor Artwork in Hebrew and in English for the Rachel in your life.

This 100% cotton eco-conscious Cup of Coffee tote bag features:

- 100% Cotton fabric tote bag.

- A unique Cup of Coffee Watercolor Artwork alongside the word Rachel in English and in Hebrew (ra-khel).

- The Hebrew writing of the word includes the formal Nikud /nee-kood/ vowel signs alongside the phonetic spelling in Hebrew using Inbal's exclusive method for proper pronunciation in Hebrew.

- Capacity of 10 litres

- Long handle for great comfort

- Reinforced stitching on handles for extra stability

- 100 - 170 g/m², 3-5 oz/yard²

- Orders are produced and shipped locally. Enjoy faster shipping times, lower shipping rates, and help support local businesses in your area.
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